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3rd March 2014

Another new month and still it rains... but looking on the bright side we have not had to water the hanging baskets all winter!
Todays update on our residents finds all in fine fettle. We've had a few arrivals and departures over the weekend including Ash who is looking bright as a button, despite her age and recent complications...
We have a newbie in No.4, Mindy the Russian Blue. She's getting on a bit but again an absolute sweetheart. She takes her medication without a fuss and has enjoyed her food whilst with us. Next to  her is Tilly, who leaves us to go to her new home today - another successful house move completed apparently.
Rosie and Daisy Little have come out of their shells after their move to the main block and are both doing very well. Petal is voicing her opinion on all and sundry next to the kitchen - especially at feeding time, whilst Cuddles & Spice and Ashley are spending most of their time under their heat lamps.
Mori our Siamese Tiger is off home today and only took 12 hours to stop grumping when he came in - a new record for him!
Mini is off home today too, whilst Mr Phister & Scraps are playing about as per usual, Bella & Simba are still dieting, Harry & Lottie are enjoying some extra fish in their diet and Muku is just being a good little girl enjoying watching the doves from her window. 
We welcome Timmy today - and yes she's a girl - don't ask!
Enjoy your week wherever you may be - kind regards Aly
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