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Sunday 16th March

Two Sundays in a row with super weather... what a lovely surprise!

Pussy cats in their element - sunbathing, waitress and maid service on tap and entertainment laid on... can't be bad.

This weeks guest update:
Newbies first - Sweet Petal is still with us and doing fine and Nala has settled in well and enjoyed her weekend titbit of roast chicken along with her complete biscuits - well she is on holiday!
Oldies - Ash is back again and still going strong, I'm pleased to report. Tabitha who we haven't seen for a little while is staying whilst her new home is sorted out and although she has no tail she still lets you know exactly when she wants a stroke. Charlie has arrived with some new medication that seems to be doing the job. And although only middle aged really, I should mention Brandy and Tiggy both of which are fine.
Regulars - Chilli seems much happier now her annual allergy is over, Libby is still hiding every now and again of the top of the door - still catches me out each time she disappears up there! Minky is loving the sunshine as are Daisy and Tom. Boris's sight seems slightly improved in the direct sunlight interestingly, Thierry and Minnie know the old trick of being fussy to get spoilt whilst Bella & Simbas' diets are still going well. OJ & Miss Tippy are back for another short break as is Tilly.
Bertie, Rosie and Milly are all doing fine. 

We had a rare visit to the vets this week with Muscat who has an inner ear infection which on day two of his stay made him slightly unbalanced but, now on anti-biotics, he seems to be improving slowly and also his little friend Coco who needed a little help in the warmer climate managing her allergy - all sorted, no more itching!

That's all my news this week - take care. Aly

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