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23rd March 2014

A quiet day today... we get those sometimes! We said farewell to Nala, Tilly, Tiggy, Tippy, Chilli, OJ, and Brandy yesterday. That's quite a tongue twister...
We have the three torties Ethel, Maud and Sybil in the family block keeping Albert company whilst Mori the Siamese is keeping the main block echoing with his vocal chorus. Minky was enjoying his little sun trap today, out of the cold wind, whilst Teasle chose her heatlamp as the best option. 
Petal is off home tomorrow after an extended stay, as is Charlie. 
Tiggy and Buffy came in on Friday, with Buffy wearing some fetching head gear to protect a wound on her back. I am happy to report it's healing well and she's not bothering with it at all.
Tabitha, Bambou and Rosie are all fine and the two newbies Toby and Nigel are both eating, sleeping and purveying their respective views happily.
Busy again tomorrow with new arrivals - so I better get an early night - A.

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