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Sunday 30th March

Another month has nearly ended, the clocks have moved forward and finally British Summer Time is upon us and if today is anything to go by I welcome it with open arms. The birds are chirping away, the fish are feeding, the horses contentedly munching the spring grass and the cats are lounging around lazily in the sunshine. 
The Lady of the Manor - or upstairs, downstairs!
It's very quiet here this afternoon, not through a lack of animals to feed, but due to the fact they all think it's an hour earlier and not yet teatime! I've managed to make all the feeds without one miaow reminding me that I'm not going fast enough! I wonder how many more days of tranquil feeding up times there will be - not many I am sure...

This weeks update on our guests follows:
I am pleased to report that following a trip to the vets prior to their arrival here, Saphy, Daisy and Belle are all fit and healthy. Merlin, who is staying with us for a few weeks is enjoying their company.
Envelope is loving the sunshine whilst Purrsephone is getting used to having medication in her ear - sounds worse than it is - and Bibsy is still not amused about being on diet food again, thanks Dad he says! 
We have three pairs in our garden houses, Lucy & Zoe, Rosie & Daisy Little and the Burmeses Merlin & Circe. They all settled in right away having all visited before.
The Main Block comprises of Mori the Siamese - very chilled I must say, Sox who's enjoying his special biscuits, Roly who's not enjoying his special biscuits quite as much - i think he's guessed there's medication in them - then there's old Max who is so regular a visitor I miss him when he's NOT here! 
Nigel is next to Max, a big cuddly black fellow, whilst the black and white duo of Bob & Fred are using their indoor shelf as a viewing platform into the pond.
Buffy & Tiggy are off home tomorrow, and I'm pleased to report Buffy's sore back has completely healed and her collar has been removed much to her delight.
Little old Toby is a star and munching his way through my whole stock of senior food with delight. Tabitha is next to him and eager to help out on the munching score, her stay has been extended for another month before her journey down to Spain.  The bilingual Bambou is trying to teach her some french cat sounds, but how helpful that will be in Spain I'm not too sure! Flo the tripod Siamese is still chatting away whenever we're passing and Cordelia is joining in on occasion. Shadow & Honey are both fine as are Poppy & Geri. Sukey is eating me out of house and home this visit after being extremely fussy last time, Summer would like to join her, but strict instructions for a little dieting there has ruined her plans and finally little shy Molly I spied sitting on her outside shelf watching the doves feeding today when she thought I wasn't looking - little things like that always make me smile - knowing that even the most shy of cats can relax here in these beautiful surroundings.

That just leaves time for me to wish you a very Happy Mothers Day from your furry friends - and we look forward to seeing you soon.
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