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April 16th

Due to the arrival of several newbies on Saturday I decided to blog a little later this week - to give them all a chance to settle in before I made comment.
We have been very busy this week with an average of 50 cats here each day - but rest assured whether it's 50 or 5 they still get the same level of attention and care, we just work longer hours and employ more help...

This week we have also been lucky enough to have a vet student working with us, Amy Pergande.  She has proved herself to be a hard working and diligent ttainee and we are pleased to announce that she has agreed to join our team on a part time basis over the summer holidays. 

Amys' family cat Pixie comes to stay with us here at Cottage Garden when they are away.

And so to our guest update -
Little Pepe the kitten is being spoilt rotten of course with all the attention he is receiving being right by the front door... next to him now is Fluffy a long haired tortie who has just reminded me that tuna is her favourite food, not cod! Then we have little Jessie who although prefers the safety of being inside has settled in and eats up well. Next we have Roly who goes home today after a 3+ week stay during which time he has caused me all kinds of challenges in the feeding department as he decided his medicated food was just no longer for him! 
Bella & Lola are next to the kitchen with Millie & Tazzle next to them. Ash is back with us for a short stay and is really well at 19, and Tabitha is still here awaiting her connection to Spain as is Merlin. 
We have some Summer regulars back in to prove the sun must be shining, Heide, Mr Tibbs, Stanley & Willow, Toffee & Fudge, Sherbert, George and Phoenix.
Our newbies this week consist of Bonk, Pitshi, Socks & Tinker, Princess Sofia & Duster, Flo & Soots (yes Flo is in and Soots is out!) and Ruby who is so interested in watching the doves feeding it took her a couple of days to remember to eat herself! She's still being a little fussy but we're getting there so if she has any favourites you know of please let me know!
We have four regular burmese in all chatting away, three Birman and a few other regulars around the place including Boris who although is fussy at home apparently - eats anything and everything here! 

Well with more cats arriving today and a few to groom before they leave this morning I best get going.

Enjoy your Easter weekend and remember we are closed on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday.

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