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Nice surprises! 27.04.14

How an out of the blue phone call can bring a nice surprise!  Yesterday whilst sorting through the post I received an unexpected phone call from the mother of one of our former employees, Chloe. Last year Chloe and her family had made the crazy decision (in my humble opinion!) to move back to Essex where she had lived as a youngster. However for whatever reason the family have decided to move back south and were calling to see if I had room to house some of their menagerie whilst they finalised their move. Another question was soon to follow - would we be in a position to re-employ Chloe?
Chloe did her work experience with us a few years ago and out of a group of five very capable young ladies it was Chloe who took the weekend job we had available and she proved a hit with the animals and the staff alike - although a little shy back then she was a diligent and reliable member of the team and when she started college came to work here part-time as part of the main team. She was sorely missed when she moved away to pursue her love of the theatre and will be warmly welcomed back by us all. To prove she had missed working with the animals she has accumulated four dogs and seven cats - all rescues of course... So welcome back Chloe - that is when you finally get here...

Now onto our current residents - We have a few newbies in at present who are all doing well, Alfie, Rhaj and Lyra are very fit and healthy with very good appetites... whilst young Felix, Elf & Soory are just finding their feet not yet quite convinced that they're not at the vets, but are getting braver by the hour.

Cocoa & Mango are well and are in the main block along with a host of regulars who are showing them the ropes. Mori is back this time with a damaged tail which appears to be healing slowly. All the oldies and long-term boarders are on good form, and the Burmese and Siamese contingent as per usual are keeping us occupied with their song.

FLEA TREATMENTS - Just a quick note, we are yet again this year having a few cats arriving having been treated with Frontline and still showing signs of flea activity. Where we see this we will treat with a different form of treatment to keep the cattery clear of infestation, we do however have to pass these costs on to the client. So to be safe we suggest you use an alternate brand from your vet practice or indeed an alternate method eg. the Seresto collars seem to be doing a good job this season.
Enjoy what's left of your weekend.