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30th April

Just a quick guest update this morning. I have a pair of Bengals in with their Black DSH friend who are absolutely great = they are obviously very fit and spend time each day keeping that way by using their climbing frame and shelves as an assoult course! Usually as I'm approaching with their food, which they also eat like athletes in top training ie. alot and fast! Super fun, a pleasure to have staying...
Next to our athletic bunch we have Chloes' rescue threesome. The kitten and the tortie and white bob cat (had tail removed after and accident recently) are now happily receiving attention whenever we are nearby and are happy as Larry. Sooty (original I know!) however is happily eating and even now coming out in the sunshine BUT you know the old trick, if I go in one side (it's a family double house) he pops through to the other and vice verse - as he's a little older than the other two I guess it's going to take him a little longer to trust that we're only here to help him be comfortable, clean and full or nice food... watch this space.
Meanwhile in the Main Block our other new Black DSHs Mango & Coco are just fine. Mango is the more gregarious of the two, always after a quick cuddle, whilst Coco prefers a little personal space but the one thing they have in common is a love of food, which explains how they became such big strong cats.
Our last newbie Udom (now that is original - maybe a little too original?!?) is a super red tom cat who has settled in well, and is eating and relaxing in equal measures - very chilled!
All the regulars are holding up well, the oldies are enjoying the warmer weather whilst the younger cats are enjoying the insects and small animals that seem to take shelter in the cattery when it rains - great fun chasing those about. 
Until next time... Aly 
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