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May 2014

Bank Holiday Fun Day

I thought being a bank holiday that we'd have a little fun. So here are a few snaps I found of cats in strange places... have you any photos of your cat in an unusual spot? If so post them on our facebook page or here on the blog comments.

Just before you start laughing , a quick update on all cats staying this weekend, too many to mention by name but all are doing fine. Our newbies Buter& Missy the Bengals, Mocha & Simba, Maxwell and Daisy have all settled in well and are eating , drinking and sleeping contentedly, even if Daisy is a little shy!

Holiday time is here!

I counted 51 plates of cat food leave my kitchen this evening, busy, busy, busy... quite a mixture of cats too, some regulars, some long stays and quite a few newbies to, which is always good to see. 

I'll see if I can remember them all now that I'm ensconced back in the office after a fabulous sunny day outside. 

Main block - we have Dushka by the door, a huge Maincoon, keeping guard! Then we have Old Charlie who spends most of his time asleep and has had me cooking during this visit as he was being a little fussy to start with, but happy on fresh fish now thank you very much.

Sunday 11th May

And after a windy night all seems calm...
Red is the colour of the moment, a splattering of ginger toms amongst the black, greys and browns of our current guests.
Mori the Siamese is pining as he fell head over heals in love with the beautiful Maisie the Siamese cross who went home yesterday... I have to say a very pretty young lady indeed. Joe is in the groove with our routine and seems contented enough although I have an idea he quite liked young Maisie too! Old Max is enjoying the activity around the kitchen and happily eating well.

Belated Happy Birthday...

... to Pandora. Happy Birthday, I know you liked your presents, sorry it took nearly a week to get your pic on the blog and a little blurred at that!
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