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Sunday 11th May

And after a windy night all seems calm...
Red is the colour of the moment, a splattering of ginger toms amongst the black, greys and browns of our current guests.
Mori the Siamese is pining as he fell head over heals in love with the beautiful Maisie the Siamese cross who went home yesterday... I have to say a very pretty young lady indeed. Joe is in the groove with our routine and seems contented enough although I have an idea he quite liked young Maisie too! Old Max is enjoying the activity around the kitchen and happily eating well... especially the red salmon I had over that he and Joe shared.
Little toothless Crebo has settled in and is eating well, this red is sixteen years young and an absolute delight.
Hamish & Sasha the ragdolls are here along side Tansy the Tortie who although purported to be fussy, seems to be eating most things I put in front of her...
Kiwi the burmese went home early due to unforeseen circumstances on her mums weekend, whilst Merlin is still here preparing for his long trip abroad. The handsome Fraser is a bonnie lad, watching the world going by from his run. Finn & Liela are back to their cat hotel for another stay, unfortunately for Finn his jabs are due on his mums return so a health farm diet rather than his usual banquet is what has been prescribed. We don't want the usual lecture about obesity in cats from the vet do we?
Coco the chocolate burmese is as cuddly as ever and Old Charlie is keeping the peace between Coco and the young pretenders Circe & Merlin, little Burmese assassins who given half the chance would cull my dove collection I suspect!
Outside we have Red Boris who picked up a limp before he came in and I have to say hasn't lost it so off to the vets with him tomorrow I think. Another red in his block is Oliver, again on a diet, but enjoying his heat lamp and view of the gardens. Dividing them is Pepper, always good to have a girly in the mix.
In the family block we still have Chloes three little darlings, then Nifty the aptly names gymnastic Persian. Next to her we have the huge Tonkinese brigade. Ali C, Dylan & Rufus and Jester make up the F-block this weekend. Rufus providing the splash of red in their section.
Now having fed, medicated where necessary, and checked all my charges this morning, it's off to get all the related jobs done before a busy afternoon - Badminton horse trials and the Grand Prix, how will I fit it all in...
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