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Holiday time is here!

I counted 51 plates of cat food leave my kitchen this evening, busy, busy, busy... quite a mixture of cats too, some regulars, some long stays and quite a few newbies to, which is always good to see. 

I'll see if I can remember them all now that I'm ensconced back in the office after a fabulous sunny day outside. 

Main block - we have Dushka by the door, a huge Maincoon, keeping guard! Then we have Old Charlie who spends most of his time asleep and has had me cooking during this visit as he was being a little fussy to start with, but happy on fresh fish now thank you very much...

Max and Joe are next, both in for a month so keeping each other company and both doing very well. 
On the right of the kitchen we have newbies, Coco & Kitty who are in for the weekend, then we have Sabie & TokTok who have grown into very large puddycats, although one brave and one a little less so...

Then we have a lovely pair of cats who are new to us although their parents are not, Omar & Obediah (hope I've spelt that correctly) who are settling in well. Omar is out and about and chatty as you like whilst Obediah is more shy and retiring, lucky really because he wouldn't be able to get a word in edgeways!

Further down the corridor we have some regulars, Sox who turns 15 next month and Sapphire the Norweigen Forest Cat. We then have Simba & blind Tommy, Oscar the old Bengal who is eating me out of house and home and slowly putting on a couple of ounces, then we have partially sighted Boris, next to the beautiful Lucy & Zoe, the Ragdolls.

Another pair of newbies next, Magpie & Leveret, who are sweet siblings and are being very well behaved for their young age if a little inquisitive of everything and everyone...

Big Exotic Bertie is their neighbour, then the forever dieting Finn and his companion Liela, then Coco the Burmese, Purrsephone is back for another stay and Circe  & Merlin leave in the morning to go home and tame those pesky puppies that arrived unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago... 

Moving outside we have the handsome Maxwell who after his long journey down here from Hemel Hempstead, Herts is settling in well.

The Ancient Ash is keeping an eye on the young Elf, Felix & Sooty for me whilst Molly and the white Oscar & Thomas are welcoming the newbie Drum with his unusal dual coloured eyes.

In the family block we have Charlie, Simon with his suitcase of goodies, Rufus & Dylan, India and Milly. The Tonks, Phylias, Billybags & Tilly are still here alongside the "Nifty" Persian, Pepper and Minky... and for anyone who is still counting, Edwina, Dylan and Tiger are in the Kitchen!
51 I believe - anyway time for a glass of wine before bed as I have to start making all their breakfasts in a few hours...

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