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A big Thank You to my staff...

What a week! I would like to thank my staff for seriously stepping up to the plate. Half term is always a busy time but with the Bank Holiday thrown in it was ultra-busy and just as it all kicked off I had a phone call to say my mother had been taken seriously ill and I had to fly off to be by her bedside leaving potential chaos in my wake. 
But No! the girls all offered to do extra shifts, our reserve Charlotte came down from her usual job in Gloucestershire and between them did a great job in keeping all the balls in the air. 
Thank you girls, it meant so much not to have to worry during such a difficult time...

On my return I found the cattery full of new faces, two beautiful Bengal kittens, Mable & Ruby, Tinker the Piebald from Surrey, Daisy the 19 year young Tabby, Gizmo the 18 year old Tabby with her friend Sonny the Red Tabby, Maxwell the big Black chap, Busta & Missy, the part Bengals, Mocha & Simba, the Tortie & Tabby siblings and Alfie, Raj & Lyra, more Bengals! 

I do love meeting new cats, I love the challenge of making sure they have a positive and enjoyable experience on their first stay at the cattery and getting to know their little quirks, as we all know every cat is different! I am happy to report all of the above are settling in well and even the allegedly very nervous Daisy and scaredy-cat Tinker both came out to greet me this morning and to let me know what they would like for breakfast, it's strange I don't think I'd fancy fish for breakfast personally.

I also have some newish cats staying at present, meaning they've been in once or twice before - Jessie, Poppy, the upside down tummy tickle loving Exotic Shorthair Simba, and the ever playful Jojo. 

The regulars are all doing fine - although I appear to have four Simbas here at the moment and a couple of Daisys along with a Mitzi and a Missy - it's getting a bit confusing.

Well time for me to leave the cattery - early start today, so many things to do... 

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