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And another month gone...

... and Wimbledon on the Telly in the sunshine for a change!
This past few days have been ultra busy with the cattery at full capacity and the girls all working flat out. We saw sixteen happy cats go home today, so feeding up took a little less time this evening, allowing me a few minutes to update this blog.
Our longer stay cats are all doing well, namely Ash who is loving this sunny weather, Millie & Gina who has had a good groom which has cooled her down some what, Tink who is a little sweetie and Gizmo & Sunny who are both enjoying their birdseye view of the doves. Jasmine, Matisse & Shelby are all fine, Matisse another chatty character. Charlie is minding the front door and welcoming every visitor as they arrive whilst Poppy is chatting to anyone who is passing by. Alfie and the Bengals are still bouncing about in the family block whilst the Birmans keep awatch from next door. 
Bibsy arrived at the weekend and is looking trim, whilst further along we have a newbie called Albus, who has to keep his extremeties out of the sun as he is white and burns easily.
Little old Roly is next door and as ever says hello whenever he sees me. Next door again are the elegant Sasha & Hamish, their blond locks gleaming in the sunlight. Another newbie is next, ten year old Tortie Rivet, she's settled in well but as with many torties shows a little "character" from time to time, usually directed at her neighbours.
Old Max is back again, I miss him when he's not here... Little Bella arrived today for a month, so more on her next time, Chilli is still showing signs of her allergic reaction to summer unfortunately but is well in herself. Bertie the Exotic Shorthair is looking very handsome after a good groom but he looked quite upset to see his two exotic friends leave today, namely Peaches and Pippin.
Sooty and Elf are enjoying the extra space whilst Felix is off at the vets becoming slightly less of a Tom. Enjoying the cool shade of the orchard are Rosie the British Blue and Tilly & Callie, the tabbies that can be seen on our website images.
Last but not least Tiggy is well if a bit miffed that she has a neighbour in Tilly this evening, I think she was hoping for a boy!
Until next time, may the sun keep shining and we all have a fabulous summer!

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