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July 2014

27/07/2014 - cooling down at last...

Another beautiful weekend but the cool breeze is gently blowing in, relief after a rather breathless few days...

It has been a busy month, July, many guests, both new and old. All welcome of course and all I hope enjoying their holidays here at Cottage Garden.
So as we get ready for another mad Monday morning exodus I shall update you on our current guests and their well-being.

Let me start with brothers Ringo & Robbie who spent there first day playing tricks on me - It took me a second or two before I realised one hadn't vanished!

July 10th Resident update

July has turned into a very busy month, with a huge number of cats in for their summer holidays. This morning is a quiet morning as we await todays guests, but with all their rooms already prepared it seems quite calm here for a few hours!
I have finished serving breakfast and have had a little chat with all my guests and am now ready to report on their wellbeing.
Tilly the kitten is body building by carrying all her toys from her bedroom to her playroom and is desperately trying to convince Omar & Obidiah that they should play them too, Obi does not seem too keen but Omar has nearly given in and if not yet playing is definately watching with interest.
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