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July 10th Resident update

July has turned into a very busy month, with a huge number of cats in for their summer holidays. This morning is a quiet morning as we await todays guests, but with all their rooms already prepared it seems quite calm here for a few hours!
I have finished serving breakfast and have had a little chat with all my guests and am now ready to report on their wellbeing.
Tilly the kitten is body building by carrying all her toys from her bedroom to her playroom and is desperately trying to convince Omar & Obidiah that they should play them too, Obi does not seem too keen but Omar has nearly given in and if not yet playing is definately watching with interest.
Little Tinker is still with us, relaxed and happy this morning, and enjoying a full english... 
Old Charlie has been moved next to the kitchen where I can keep a close eye on him, he looked a little low yesterday but this morning seems to have bounced back. The slight change in the weather does knock some ot the older cats, it's as if they are deciding whether they want to face another cold and wet winter. Old Ash is a case in point she went downhill very fast since the rains returned with the colder evenings, but with a little help from my favourite vet last night, this morning she is back up and about and enjoying some liver for breakfast. Of course they could just be wise old owls who know if they play up they get delicious treats!!!
Little Timmy is doing well on the other side of the kitchen and Albus the White is still relaxing in the shade to protect his little pink ears. Locky & Freya the tabbies are enjoying a short stay, home tomorrow, with Ricky the Black and White chat a box next door. Ricky is doing well and his little bald patches are slowly reducing in size.
More tabbies and torties in the shape of Bert & Willow are both keeping well, whilst old max has decided the new Sheba in gravy pouches are his latest favourite - sorry Dad!
Jasmine and Chatty Matisse are enjoying their view of the doves, whilst Pandora the Persian must have been the one who gave Max the tip off about the new Sheba... Little Minky is playin with his toys whilst Gizmo ad Sunny are taking it in turns to use their extra large carrier as a good vantage point. 
Shelby has overcome his fussiness where wet food is concerned providing he can eat it on a shelf and not on the floor (in a bowl of course).
Max & Molly have both had a good groom and I'm afraid I've put Pepper on a diet because, mummy, someone's been dipping into the cookie jar by the looks of things!
Elf & Felix and Tilly (all staff cats) are in at the moment whilst outside by the fruit trees, Tilly & Callie are enjoying the sunshine this morning, and Rosie is spending most of her life upside down demanding tummy tickles.
Big George is keeping watch at the front gate for me whilst Envelope is lively as ever. Timmy the girlie is watching the world go by and Lucy is keeping a low profile whilst Alfie Moon is settling in - Oreo is as cuddly as ever whilst Tarka the Siamese is proud and regal at all times. The mad Bengals are still here and doing their impersonations of Tigger daily. 
Well with the time marching on I must go, our ten new guests will be with us shortly and there are always jobs that need doing around here...

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