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27/07/2014 - cooling down at last...

Another beautiful weekend but the cool breeze is gently blowing in, relief after a rather breathless few days...

It has been a busy month, July, many guests, both new and old. All welcome of course and all I hope enjoying their holidays here at Cottage Garden.
So as we get ready for another mad Monday morning exodus I shall update you on our current guests and their well-being.

Let me start with brothers Ringo & Robbie who spent there first day playing tricks on me - It took me a second or two before I realised one hadn't vanished!

Next to them we have the boucing Bengals and their friend Alfie, who I've had to separate for a few days as he appears to be eating all the food and gaining rather too much weight.  The Burmese and Siamese block is next and they're all fine, even Mori has relaxed enough for a cuddle... The cool of the family block houses the torties, Toffee and Fudge, Fraggle the Cornish Rex and Little Claudia, all who are well. Next we have the three large British Shorthairs, Harvey, Oscar & Rose then Sticky who has given up pretending to be shy and has decided attention seeking is a far better option! 

Leo arrived with a goody bag as he had lost a fair bit of weight recently and I can confidently state he's definately put a fair bit back on during his holiday with us and his appetite is definately not poor. 

Molly Mo the little rescue cat is fine with the lovely Camo keeping a kind eye on his neighbour. He has such a calming nature, a real sweetie. Baboushka has been in the wars prior to her stay but is coping well in her quiet house and is regularly out on her shelf watching the world go by - it doesn't take them long to realise they are safe here...

And then there's naughty Albus, in his shady house under the trees, keeping his little pink ears out of the sun. I say Naughty as he disappeared just as his owners were leaving for their holiday. As luck would have it he came home just before the big storm of last Friday and a kindly neighbour caught him and I went and picked him up and brought him to safety, however I did get absolutely soaked in the process, Albus however was sheltering under a couple of towels and seemed very unperturbed by it all!!!

Now to the main block - oh yes, another run away - Pumpkin & Nelson or Pumpkin no Nelson as it was when they arrived. Nelson eventually pitched up the next morning, dirty stop out, anyway they are both here now and seem to be enjoying their first holiday with us. More Burmese next door then the long stays, Tink, Pixie, Alfie, Cosmic & Hastings, Ash, Matisse & Jasmine & Shelby, Bella, Gizmo & Sunny. Many of whom go home this week - we shall miss them.

That just leaves a quick mention for Bilbo, a newbie Sooty who is a real poppet, Maggie, Ruby who I haven't decided if she needs to be moved away from the doves again this visit, as she can get a little fixated, I'll make that decision in the morning - Dexter, Poppet (another late arrival due to wandering-itis), Phoebe & Sheba who are getting braver on each short stay and last but not least the huge Mainecoon Dushka who although only on her own terms is actually being quite friendly for a one-woman attack cat! 

I wish you all a good evening and hope you have enjoyed the few snaps of some of my guests...
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