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August 2014

Saturday 30th August

Best news of all - Maisie spent her first night in her new home on her new owners bed - very spoilt! Thanks for all the inquiries I had to re-home her, fingers crossed it looks like she's found herself a new "forever" human!

Having just returned from late night checks, I thought I'd update my current guests status. Here goes... Muffin has had her evening insulin and is sitting on her shelf although her heating is on inside. Typical..
Ash has just had meal No. 5 of the day as she came out to let me know she could do with a late night snack.


This is Maisie, a lovely little cat, 2.5 years old, happy and healthy. Through no fault of her own she can not go back to her present home and is looking for a new one. She's with me now but I need to find her a home by Friday! She needs to be the only cat in the home if possible and as she's never been outside she'll need introducing to the outside world slowly... She is inoculated and has been spay. Message me for further details. Thanks for looking. 

Monday 18th August - Cuddly Cats...

Early morning inspection and feed up revealed a super group of generally cuddly cats, with the odd exception of course... I started up by the Dove cotes to be greeted by Circe & Merlin, cuddly by definition being Burmese, Rudy the Abysinnian was next on my rounds and again cuddly by breed definition, then onto Nelson & Pumpkin who proved DSHs can be cuddly too! Mindy joined in for a good stroke followed by Shadow & Honey who is always up for a cuddle although in her case it's more cupboard love than genuine attention seeking I fear.

And another storm passes through...

Wet and windy it may have been this morning, but this afternoon has allowed the sun to shine once more, long may that last! The cooler air though has been a relief for many of the animals, allowing them to sunbathe rather than heading for the shade. 
This weeks guests comprise of annual visitors for their two week vacation, with a few regulars popping in for a long weekend and a few first timers including a sprinkling of kittens...
Let's start with the main block, we have Nelson & Pumpkin still with us, watching the world go by from their outer shelf, Old Ash is in for the weekend and is eating well again after a little wobble after she returned home after her summer stay.

And then it was August...

Happy Holidays to you all! The Weather may have cooled a bit but the sun is still shining and Saturday brought a little refreshment for the garden. The cooler air I have to say makes it a more pleasant environment to work in although I'm sure those of you laying on a beach would not necessarily agree...
This weekends update follows, unfortunately without pictures this week due to my camera playing up, new battery needed I fear.
Newbies first - Kenco the kitten is stealing most of the attention from passing cat lovers as is often the way, Barnie & Charlie will be pleased to see him leave in the morning I'm sure so that their beautiful blond coats and blue eyes go back to being the main attraction.
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