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And then it was August...

Happy Holidays to you all! The Weather may have cooled a bit but the sun is still shining and Saturday brought a little refreshment for the garden. The cooler air I have to say makes it a more pleasant environment to work in although I'm sure those of you laying on a beach would not necessarily agree...
This weekends update follows, unfortunately without pictures this week due to my camera playing up, new battery needed I fear.
Newbies first - Kenco the kitten is stealing most of the attention from passing cat lovers as is often the way, Barnie & Charlie will be pleased to see him leave in the morning I'm sure so that their beautiful blond coats and blue eyes go back to being the main attraction.
Nelson & Pumpkin are welcoming our guests as they arrive whilst Sooty prefers to view them through the safety of her window, only coming out at night when all is quiet. Camo, although not officially a newbie as he visited as a kitten many moons ago, has waltzed in and is thoroughly enjoying being waited on hand and paw. Little Hazey has settled in well by the pond.
I nearly forgot the reds, Barry and Kubrick who are both enjoying their stay. Both are now often in their run watching the doves and sunbathing.
Many of our longer stay guests left this week with Matisse & Jasmine off tomorrow.
By the fruit trees we have Fraggle the Cornish Rex, next to Jane and Obi the British Brown Spot, the beautiful Birmans are next, then we have Fluffy who is eating her biscuits more than her meat, and I thought she had bad teeth? Next we have the lovely Lego, then on their specialist feeds we have Ashley and Charlie.
Molly is eating well and hopefully putting on a little weight during her enforced rest, whilst Baboushka has moved across a block to a slightly busier house and is still looking relaxed and confident in her surroundings, I'm happy to report.
Ruby has moved outside and back in during this week to see if we can cure her irrepressible fixation with birds now that she's settled down and so far so good... 
We have a few cats on medication this week but all are taking it well with no problems to report, and all the regulars are doing fine and even Max the Bengal has quietened his roar apart from if I'm late with his tea and Duschka the Mainecoon is still behaving herself - I sometimes feel like a lion tamer!
Well I'm being called for my supper now - how spoilt I am - so I wish you a fond farewell until next time...

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