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Monday 18th August - Cuddly Cats...

Early morning inspection and feed up revealed a super group of generally cuddly cats, with the odd exception of course... I started up by the Dove cotes to be greeted by Circe & Merlin, cuddly by definition being Burmese, Rudy the Abysinnian was next on my rounds and again cuddly by breed definition, then onto Nelson & Pumpkin who proved DSHs can be cuddly too! Mindy joined in for a good stroke followed by Shadow & Honey who is always up for a cuddle although in her case it's more cupboard love than genuine attention seeking I fear.
Ruby & Mable the Bengal kittens of course are used to loads of cuddles, next to Sooty & Flo who enjoy the attention. Tilly the Exotic Shorthair kitten has to have baby like cuddles upside down in my arms as at that age they need to learn complete submission so as to be easy to handle in later life, she loves a tummy tickle anyway. Bella & Simba had to put up with a stroke as they are too heavy to handle whilst Bert & Willow followed suit whilst sitting on their shelf. Amber my second Abysinnian staying at present was too cuddled up under her heat lamp to move, whilst Dexter was more than happy to have a cuddle and a stroke and breakfast all at the same time.
Then we have two newbies, Fatcat as his name suggests was more interested in his breakfast than fussing about for a cuddle, whilst Gus had his attention up on his shelf where we feed him so that he has a chance to eat before his brother scoffs it all. 
Pixie is one of our exceptions, cuddles are not on her agenda, however sitting out watching the world go by and enjoying her breakfast are... Toby & Joe are always up for a cuddle or two as is another newbie the tabby Cat Woody who loves all attention, Bertie however who is usually up for a cuddle was so snuggled in his igloo this morning he asked if I could come back later!
Outside we have another newbie, Maisie, now Maisie is one of those cats who ask you for a cuddle and a stroke and if you're not careful half way through she changes her mind and tries to eat you! However we seem to have it down pat now just how long she can handle attention before it blows her mind, about 18 seconds! 
Milly the Maincoon is always up for a stroke, again a little large to be cuddling, and Charlie will do anything for his food as long as it doesn't delay it's arrival. Another Newbie Darcie Tabby and White Longhair is cuddle mad and a real sweetheart. Leo is always up for attention as is Poppy but then we have Simba who is the upside down cat who if shown any kind of attention throws himself on the ground upside down wriggling about desperate for a tummy tickle or back scratch or in fact anything he can possibly get, for which in return you get a nice rough lick. 
My last two houses are taken by Omar & Obediah and Megan & Fudge who are all as usual happy and cuddly and a pleasure to have visiting... Oh my job's such hard work sometimes!
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