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September 2014

Sunday 28th September

The official end of summer... so tomorrow brings a busy day with more guests leaving than arriving. October looms but with the current weather conditions who would know?
For many summertime guests, tomorrow means their return home. The Tonkinese, the Ragdolls, the Siamese and the DSHs all end their stays with us tomorrow but I'm pretty sure they will all be back again soon, at least we hope so!
So tonight I give a role call for those who remain with us into October, namely, Sapphire, the Norwegian Forest Cat, who is doing a grand job by the front door, Gina & Millie, the Black & Whites, keeping a close eye on the kitchen.

Sunday 21st September 2014

Good evening. This week has been a predominantly red one so I shall start with them...

Gerry (red) & Poppy are off home tomorrow after a relaxing fortnight with us, whilst the playful Wilson (red) is just over half way through his three week vacation, whilst OJ (red) & Miss Tippy (red bits) are just under half way through their similar stay. Peaches (red tinges) & Pippin are determined to break the record of how many times I can return their toy mouse to them, which annoyingly is just small enough to be batted underneath the run door and into the corridor.

13th September 2014

Well, more sunshine... how lovely! 
We are bustling with activity, many of our owners are off on their holidays now that the kids are back at school...
Apologies to those of you who follow my blog that I was remiss in writing last weekend but I just wasn't ready to share the sad news that our long term guest, Ash, at the fantastic age of 19 1/2, lost her battle with hyperthyroidism. It was a very sad time for her owners and ourselves and she will be sorely missed. She was quite a character as so many of the real oldies are - I guess they have to be to get to these great ages!
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