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13th September 2014

Well, more sunshine... how lovely! 
We are bustling with activity, many of our owners are off on their holidays now that the kids are back at school...
Apologies to those of you who follow my blog that I was remiss in writing last weekend but I just wasn't ready to share the sad news that our long term guest, Ash, at the fantastic age of 19 1/2, lost her battle with hyperthyroidism. It was a very sad time for her owners and ourselves and she will be sorely missed. She was quite a character as so many of the real oldies are - I guess they have to be to get to these great ages!
On a happier note, Maisie who we rehomed a couple of weeks ago now has really fallen on her feet and has found a super new home for life. So thank you Clair for suggesting the home.
Our present guests are a mixture of new and old, and long and short term visitors. I shall try to give them all a quick mention here but with 47 cats to feed this evening please forgive me if I miss a few from the rolecall. All are doing well suffice to say.
Newbies first, Dolce the pretty little persian is quiet all day but in the evenings is in her outside run chatting away to anyone passing by. Ruby & Ted are getting braver and are now greeting me outside in the mornings. Humphrey, one of a number of Ginger boys in at the moment is happy and contented and is next to Lady, a little black cat, who is very sweet. 
Spike is a new long term visitor and has settled in very well I am pleased to say, although he's doesn't seem convinced that his fathers choice of wet food is as good as it was now that he's spied what his neighbours are getting!
Milo is a little shy but happily outside when he thinks there's no one watching, and another big Ginger lad, Tigger, is showing no signs of worry about his new surroundings.
All the pairs are doing fine and getting along well, namely  Poppy & Gerry, Brogan & Remy, Gina & Millie, Finn & Liela, Tansy & OJ,  Fudge & Toffee, Daisy & Tom, Benji & Tigger, Archie & Merlin (more ginger boys), Bubble & Squeak, Duster & Princess Sofia and the triplets Tilly, Tilly & Tilly. (Don;t ask.)
As for the unmentioned singles, mostly made up of tortie and black puddy cats, we have Max and Max, Wilson, Oscar, Rudy, Cookie (still a little shy today), Sox, Grebo, Minky and Misty, Poppy, Chilli and Summer. All of whom are absolutely fine and happy as Larry. 
Last but not least I must mention  Lucy who is having her first stay  since loosing her sister, Zoe. She's a little less confident on her own but is coming out of her shell gradually. A quieter day tomorrow should be just what she needs to gain her confidence back..
That's all for this week - enjoy yourselves where ever you are - I better finish the teas or I'll be in big trouble!

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