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Sunday 21st September 2014

Good evening. This week has been a predominantly red one so I shall start with them...

Gerry (red) & Poppy are off home tomorrow after a relaxing fortnight with us, whilst the playful Wilson (red) is just over half way through his three week vacation, whilst OJ (red) & Miss Tippy (red bits) are just under half way through their similar stay. Peaches (red tinges) & Pippin are determined to break the record of how many times I can return their toy mouse to them, which annoyingly is just small enough to be batted underneath the run door and into the corridor. This was a trick their mother Edwina taught them when they were kittens with us.
Archie & Merlin (both reds) are big cats who love a little attention and a lot of food (if they got their way!). The Kittens Poppy & Daisy (Red Torties) are back in for a short stay, whilst Spike (Red point) has joined us for a somewhat longer visit. Tigger (red) has settled in brilliantly for his first stay, whilst Minky (red) and Jasper (red) are having competitions to see who can be the silliest, Minky by climbing up to the ceiling and swinging on the door for fun and Jasper by throwing himself onto the floor upside down every time anyone passes let alone goes into his house, boys will be boys! Bubble (red patches) & Squeak are enjoying their suite with en-suite... very spoilt!

On the Tabby front we have a good turn out this week too. Brogan & Remy are watching the world go by near the kitchen, whilst Oscar the Bengal (strictly spotted not Tabby) is keeping the other side of the kitchen busy with his chatting. Liela is eating well although roast chicken is still definitely the favourite, Bertie the Blue Tabby is also eating well. Timmy (female - don't ask) is watching the doves in amazement at their antics, whilst James is watching the kittens who are his neighbors in despair at their antics! Kali who is opposite the main block is watching the fish instead...
Max is keeping the Family block in check, whilst Princess Sofia is out and about in her run leaving Duster on his shelf bravely watching the goings on from his window.

Now for the solid colours - Hamish  & Sasha are showing off their good looks to everyone entering the kitchen, whilst Gina & Millie are on the other side of the door, generally sunbathing on top of their carriers. Finn is still on his diet and doing well - Pepper possibly should be on a diet, but keeps reminding me that she's on holiday and everyone puts on a few pounds when on holiday...
Charlie has made many friends with his lovely nature, whilst Tarka the Siamese is preferring the comfort of her bed and heat lamp. Although happily getting up for her tuna. Dillon is the model guest as always. Talking of model guests we've had a turn up for the books as Mori is being perfect - must be ill!
Sox is in or out as the mood takes her and I'll let the picture tell the story of Tilly, Tilly and Tilly... anyone would think we are short of beds!

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