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Sunday 28th September

The official end of summer... so tomorrow brings a busy day with more guests leaving than arriving. October looms but with the current weather conditions who would know?
For many summertime guests, tomorrow means their return home. The Tonkinese, the Ragdolls, the Siamese and the DSHs all end their stays with us tomorrow but I'm pretty sure they will all be back again soon, at least we hope so!
So tonight I give a role call for those who remain with us into October, namely, Sapphire, the Norwegian Forest Cat, who is doing a grand job by the front door, Gina & Millie, the Black & Whites, keeping a close eye on the kitchen. Then we have Wilson the red,  Oscar the Bengal, Daisy the British Shorthair and her two new sisters, Phoebe & Sheba next door. Miss Tippy & OJ Simba the Burmese, Mango & Cocoa the Black DSHs, Ricky the black & white, Bertie the Exotic Shorthair, Chester the Chocolate Burmese, James the tabby, Max the DLH Tabby, and Spike the Siamese, all enjoying their views from the main block.
Outside we have Tilly and Tigger in "The office", whilst Mori the Siamese and Maggie the Black & White are in "1,2,3". In the family block we have Princess & Duster, Nudge, Holly, Ali C and Rosie, all able to spread their wings a bit with double houses all round!
With thirteen cats leaving us tomorrow it will be a busy morning, so I am off to bed .... Good night!

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