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October 2014

Warning - Kitten alert!

For those of you who know Edwina & Dylan, I have a sneaky suspicion that their father has been out and about again and up to his old tricks with the local farm cats. Only difference is that he turned right instead of left out of his home this time!

This handsome little chap is one result of such a dalliance and once I have had him vet checked wormed and inoculated I will be looking for a forever home for him. So if you're thinking about expanding your family - let me know! He should be ready to go in about three weeks time.

Sunday 26th October

Good Evening, half-term is upon us and after a brief quiet spell last week we're busy again for this midterm holiday. Apologies to the families of last weeks guests as the weekend flew by and my blog was lost for another week... Let me try and make amends now.
As promised here are a couple of pics of the re-landscaped ponds and gardens - we're not finished yet as every day I see something else I want to change - I am becoming my gardeners worst nightmare, poor chap!

This weeks residents include Princess Sophia & Duster who are still waiting for the builders to move out of their new home but are both now waiting for me in the mornings and both are out and about during the day watching the world go by.

Monday 13th October 2014

The weather has not helped my re-landscaping of the cattery this week - that is for sure! We pumped out the top pond last Monday only to find it nearly full again today...
Meanwhile my guests appear not to be phased by the weather. Apparently curling up under your heat lamp to absorb warmth and then going outside onto your shelf to watch the world go by then back under the lamp for a top up is a great game!
I'll start in the family block today for a change. So this morning I was greeted not only by Duster, but also his sister Princess Sophia, who were outside nosing about waiting for breakfast.

Sunday 5th October

The cats this week are enjoying a clearer view of the pond and its inhabitants due to the hard work of our new handyman who has worked tirelessly to improve the vista for our paying guests. He has added some new garden furniture for visiting owners who need a rest after carrying their heavy loved ones from the car park (we do offer a carry service - you just need to ask!) and some attractive garden ornaments to give the gentlemen something to talk about...
We are only part way through our plans and it is definitely a work in progress so I apologise to any visitors who visit whilst works are underway.
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