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Sunday 5th October

The cats this week are enjoying a clearer view of the pond and its inhabitants due to the hard work of our new handyman who has worked tirelessly to improve the vista for our paying guests. He has added some new garden furniture for visiting owners who need a rest after carrying their heavy loved ones from the car park (we do offer a carry service - you just need to ask!) and some attractive garden ornaments to give the gentlemen something to talk about...
We are only part way through our plans and it is definitely a work in progress so I apologise to any visitors who visit whilst works are underway. My guests don't seem to mind however as it gives them something else to watch - we all know how nosey cats can be!
This weeks visitor list is slightly shorter than it has been, but not by much, so here goes:
The beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat Sapphire is still settled next to the main door, Bo-Bo the big black cat is her current neighbour. On his other side is another young lady back after a brief stay at home, the black & white Chilli. Gingey & Tiggy are next to the kitchen door and are both doing well. Milly & Gina are still on the other side of the kitchen and Ginas' diabetes seems to be under control with her special diet which is great. 
Dylan the Ginger and Oscar the Bengal are both suffering with problematic thyroids but their medicine that is administered by putting a cream on the inside of their ear is working well and so much easier than administering pills daily. They are both still eating well but without the food obsession that is a symptom or their condition.
The slimline (nearly) Black & White George is in for a weekend break whilst Muku the Tabby & White who was brought in recovering from an abscess in a rather delicate place is in no mood for any investigations in that area thank you very much. (Don't worry it's healing fine - we take a peek when she's not looking.)
Bizzy the Brown Burmese has settled in now after a few hours of telling us exactly how he likes things to be - including his morning hug and cuddles before Sheba for breakfast...
Lucy the pretty Ragdoll was enjoying her heat lamp this morning, whilst Cocoa & Mango the Black pair were out and about watching the doves dancing around their breakfast. Black & White Ricky is testing our pill giving skills, but so far we're winning. Teddy Bear had a little sulk when he arrived but is now back to his usual self and was out on his shelf today enjoying the autumnal sunshine. 
Our second Lucy is a quiet soul but is giving me no worries, whilst Chester the Chocolate Burmese is being a little fussy about his biscuits but has no complaints about his chicken dinners - funny that...
Mr Fister & Scamps are just a joy as per usual, the life and soul of any party. James is another perfect guest who leaves tomorrow to be reunited with Dennis his canine companion, whilst Old Max the Tabby has been groomed, and groomed and groomed and still his long coat looks as if we've only given him a quick once over - why do boys never want to look presentable?
The wonderful Spike the hand reared Siamese is holding point at the end of the cattery and although welcoming all attention is a chilled lad who is a pleasure to look after.
In No. 24 we have a new visitor "Floppy" who is as his name suggests - he'd give my Dylan a run for his money in the 'most chilled out cat of the nation' stakes.
In the Office, confined due to injury, is Tigger who as his name suggests is a big red tabby who is now on diet food, now if I could only get him on a treadmill!
By the entrance we have two cats this weekend, Little Jessie and Ashley, both are well and as Jessie goes home tomorrow, Ashley will have Mori back in for company - I hope she understands Siamese or at least that she remembered to pack her earplugs!
The family block houses Holly the black & white who has the added bonus of a double house as does her neighbor the Black Manx lookalike Ali-C who despite health issue prior to his arrival is fit and healthy and enjoying his stay. Rosie the Tortie & White has settled well next to the equally settled Maisie & Suki - or "upstairs downstairs" as their feeding arrangements dictate.
Last but by no means least are the wonderful Duster who is constantly out and about watching everyone and everything in between mealtimes and his daily groom. His young sister Princess Sophia is aptly named as she lays on her throne, oops I meant shelf, being fed and groomed by her staff only deigning to come down when there's no one about to drop grapes into her mouth or massage her weary limbs!!! 
Enjoy the rest of your evening - Aly
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