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Monday 13th October 2014

The weather has not helped my re-landscaping of the cattery this week - that is for sure! We pumped out the top pond last Monday only to find it nearly full again today...
Meanwhile my guests appear not to be phased by the weather. Apparently curling up under your heat lamp to absorb warmth and then going outside onto your shelf to watch the world go by then back under the lamp for a top up is a great game!
I'll start in the family block today for a change. So this morning I was greeted not only by Duster, but also his sister Princess Sophia, who were outside nosing about waiting for breakfast. I've actually caught her out a couple of times recently especially at night when I do my last checks, it's taken some time but she's becoming much bolder now. Maisie & Suki were also both out this morning when I arrived with their breakfasts. Rosie is off home today as is Holly. Finn & Liela have settled in for their short stay this week.
Leo, Ashley, Jet & Tilly are all doing fine in 1,2,3 with Jet enjoying a new toy he found in his run. Tigger is doing well and off home tomorrow we hope.
In 24 we have Malouse, a newbie. She's a little nervous but ate all her dinner last night and was out and about this morning.
The regulars in the main block are all as good as gold, and the newbies namely Charlie & Marco Biscuit are both doing well and seem quite happy and contented.
Until next time...
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