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Sunday 26th October

Good Evening, half-term is upon us and after a brief quiet spell last week we're busy again for this midterm holiday. Apologies to the families of last weeks guests as the weekend flew by and my blog was lost for another week... Let me try and make amends now.
As promised here are a couple of pics of the re-landscaped ponds and gardens - we're not finished yet as every day I see something else I want to change - I am becoming my gardeners worst nightmare, poor chap!

This weeks residents include Princess Sophia & Duster who are still waiting for the builders to move out of their new home but are both now waiting for me in the mornings and both are out and about during the day watching the world go by. They are in an extra large family house due to the length of their stay and are enjoying their climbing frame.
Also in the family block at the moment is Mori the Siamese after moving around the cattery during the last couple of weeks trying to find neighbours he is comfortable with, which is not always easy, as after all it is very important he is the Numero Uno with no contenders nearby - especially not a young handsome Bombay Burmese Tom for example...
Also in the garden houses we have Sasha & Hamish, the wonderful Ragdolls, who again seem to prefer a quieter outlook away from the hubbub of the main block. Edwina & Dylan have moved into the Office block for the winter - they spotted the heat lamp I think.
The main block consists of George who seemed a little grumpy on arrival unusually for him, but seems to be more settled now. Little Tilly the kitten is growing up fast, 7 months now, how quickly the time goes by - she still loves her cuddles though.
Buffy & Tiggy are both fine as is Sox who is off home tomorrow after his stay. Maggie is making us all laugh as any unsuspecting person who stands near the kitchen door is getting a tap on the back as she asks them for some attention as they are obviously standing there with nothing better to do! 
Old Tigger is spending most of his time asleep under his heat lamp but is eating and drinking well and seems quite content. Tilly senior is in for a few days and for a change is in the main block and enjoying the company of the other cats.
Benny & Coco the tabbies are well as is Carlo the very very fluffy persian. Beau the pretty Oriental Shorthair and I have a standard agreement that each morning we have to have at least a five minute cuddle so that she can get her purr muscles working and I can warm my chin and neck.
Milly the Mainecoon is looking really well for her age and definitely not acting like an old lady. Chillie is back with us for half term and is enjoying her mums treats that came with her. The DSHs Pumpkin & Nelson are behaving themselves as are Bella & Simba who are not even complaining about their diet for once - they must both be on a health drive.
The wonderful tortie Sherbert Dib-dabs always greets me for a stroke in the morning as does little Mindy providing it's warm enough to leave her heat lamp.
Little Ginger Oliver is doing well and is eating his medicated food like a good boy. Obidiah & Omar have settled straight in, away from their bully neighbour at home who is making their life a misery - suggestions on a postcard please...
That leaves two adorable kittens the blue Beans and the long hair tortie Pebbles. They are just complete time wasters and are definitely getting more than their fair share of attention! Good job there's enough of us to go round...
Until next time, take care.

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