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November 2014

Sunday 16th November

Every one is back in the main block tonight. I thought it was about time everyone had a little more company and I have to say I'm very pleased. My shy and retiring Etti and Princess Sophia have both behaved impeccably on their return to socialisation and are both enjoying the company of other cats now and showing great interest in their new surroundings.
So we have Bella by the door welcoming any visitors, then by the kitchen we have a newbie in the shape of Theo who enjoyed a little weekend treat of fish this evening, Molly is fine on her shelf watching the world go by through her window.

12th November

What a horrible day, rain, rain and more rain forecast. Very happy to be inside today and having an excuse to be chief cuddler as we have some very cuddly cats staying at the moment.
We start with Rudy the Abyssinian who actually hugs you round the neck as he lovingly covers your face in slobber, then we have Beau the Oriental Shorthair who climbs all over you and purr loudly into your neck. Bella the tortie & white enjoys a more refined and traditional cuddle, whilst Penny will actually come when called for her favourite attention.

Sunday 2nd November

Good Evening
Due to a visit from a good friend this birthday weekend and a ten hour equine road trip today, I apologise if this post is a little shorter than usual.
The first bit of very good news is that we have re-homed our beautiful kitten. Thank you for all your offers of support but we finally chose a home with no other pets where he could be the center of attention due to his semi-feral background. 
Now for those newbies - Penny who arrived last Wednesday is a super guest, enjoying her stay and the attention she receives next to the kitchen.
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