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Sunday 2nd November

Good Evening
Due to a visit from a good friend this birthday weekend and a ten hour equine road trip today, I apologise if this post is a little shorter than usual.
The first bit of very good news is that we have re-homed our beautiful kitten. Thank you for all your offers of support but we finally chose a home with no other pets where he could be the center of attention due to his semi-feral background. 
Now for those newbies - Penny who arrived last Wednesday is a super guest, enjoying her stay and the attention she receives next to the kitchen. The Beautiful Beau who although quite vocal is chilled out and relaxed providing she gets her three cuddles per day.
Charlie the tabby is as described - easy-going and nothing to worry about as I may mention is his friend "over the hedge" the gorgeous Daisy.
On the newbie front that just leaves Etti who has been moved to a one bed apartment as she required just a little more space to feel secure and is now doing fine - enjoying her en-suite facilities!
Also in the Family block are Leo, Simba & Tommy and Princess & Duster who are all doing fine. Meanwhile back in the main block we have a happier George now that the young Tilly has been replaced with the more mature Avi. Buffy & Tiggy are well although a little tail pulling game has been going on overnight...
Tigger is out and about depending on the weather, while Max & Molly with their thick coats are not bothered by the light breeze. The pairs of Nelson & Pumpkin, Freyja & Loki and Bella & Simba are all good as are dear Oliver and Sherbert. 
The end of half term means a fair few cats going home tomorrow, allowing the maintenance work to continue whilst we are a little quieter.
However this also means Christmas is approaching fast and we have a very limited amount of spaces left so if you are thinking of a festive break call us first to make sure your cats are safe and sound so that you can relax whilst you are away... thanks for your time, Aly.
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