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12th November

What a horrible day, rain, rain and more rain forecast. Very happy to be inside today and having an excuse to be chief cuddler as we have some very cuddly cats staying at the moment.
We start with Rudy the Abyssinian who actually hugs you round the neck as he lovingly covers your face in slobber, then we have Beau the Oriental Shorthair who climbs all over you and purr loudly into your neck. Bella the tortie & white enjoys a more refined and traditional cuddle, whilst Penny will actually come when called for her favourite attention. Leon & Lulu are just settling in this evening so we start with a stroke there, Theo is also settling in and enjoying a brush whilst sitting on his shelf.
Tigger is happy for a hug providing he doesn't have to leave his heat lamp for too long, and Tansy the DLH Tortie is again happy with a light brushing as opposed to a full on hugging session!
Charlotte the British Blue has joined us today as has George who is not so much grumpy as grouchy in the traditional "old man" kind of way. We get away with a stroke and a little cuddle providing no one is watching...
That just leaves Etti who cuddles on her own terms, which is fine as long as you keep an eye out for the warning signs that she's had enough attention thank you. Last but not least we have Duster the cuddly cat and Princess Sophia who is more confident with a good stroke and a brush than a full on cuddle.
That's all for tonight... keep dry, x
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