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Sunday 16th November

Every one is back in the main block tonight. I thought it was about time everyone had a little more company and I have to say I'm very pleased. My shy and retiring Etti and Princess Sophia have both behaved impeccably on their return to socialisation and are both enjoying the company of other cats now and showing great interest in their new surroundings.
So we have Bella by the door welcoming any visitors, then by the kitchen we have a newbie in the shape of Theo who enjoyed a little weekend treat of fish this evening, Molly is fine on her shelf watching the world go by through her window. Coco and Malbec share the next house. Coco came in suffering from an allergy and we are doing our best to keep her as comfortable as possible. So far so good! 
Charlotte the British Blue is enjoying her heat lamp, whilst Tansy was in the mood for a good groom today. George is keeping guard on top of his carrier - he loves the carpet we cover the carriers with - it's his favourite place.
Duster & Princess Sophia are next up then a small gap to Etti who is enjoying her catnip treats dropped in by her mum yesterday. 

A quiet weekend in many ways but there's always someone to cause me a worry. This weekend it was this little bird-brain who decided to fledge from the dovecote yesterday in that torrential rain - as you can see my jacket has a new use now. And as no doubt you've noticed his mother obviously had a fling with a passing racing pigeon!! 
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