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December 14th 2014

Here are Edwina & Dylan trying out the new climbing frame in the Office Block, just to make sure it's up to scratch! 

I still find it hard to believe they are brother and sister and that their mum was a little black semi-feral DSH!

At Cottage Garden Cats this week we've been busy getting ready for Christmas, ordering the 57 Christmas Dinners we shall be preparing for Christmas Day, the extra party food for Boxing Day and New Year, as well as Christmas decorating to make all our guests feel "at home" during the festive season.

Some of our present guests will be staying for Christmas and are already getting into the spirit, namely Princess Sophia & Duster who are trying to convince me that they could happily have roast Dove instead of Turkey for Christmas and in fact could point out exactly which one they'd like! My doves are completely ignorant of the fact that cats can be predators - they just sit outside the houses cooing and dancing and putting on a theatrical show to keep our residents amused and entertained...

We have two newbies in this weekend, Millie & Ollie, who are quite large cats. Millie has taken over the inside shelf and is watching the world go by, whilst Ollie is happily laid out under his heat lamp. Both are eating well and appear exceedingly relaxed.

Amber the Abyssinian is back in for the weekend, and is happily sunning herself too. We have two Poppys in at the moment with another arriving tomorrow. Alfie Moon is in between them. They are each doing well and enjoying their holidays. Smartie leaves us this week, she is happy and healthy and enjoying her view.

Tilly has been in under observation so that we could monitor her closely for her owner and working with the vets monitor how she reacted to new medication. Tilly will be returning home tomorrow fit and healthy and hopefully with no further problems. As I've said so often before, I know more about the cats in my care than my own cats - as like most cats they spend many hours outside and who knows what they get up to!

We have good news regarding Tansy the Tortie, whose Mum sadly passed away, leaving her searching for a new home. 

Following the sad loss of their own pussycat, Purrsephone, her owners have kindly agreed to give Tansy a home, so as they say every cloud has a silver lining and may I add a big personal thank you to them for being so kind hearted. I know cuddly Tansy will be a great addition to their home.

I end with a thank you to all those kind customers who have sent us cards and gifts - they are totally unnecessary but very gratefully received!

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