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Sunday 28th December

Christmas is over and the New Year in sight. Christmas was calm and peaceful with little event, which is how we like it. All our residents had christmas treats and all were happy, content and with this cold spell were enjoying their individual heat lamps.

We had a busy day yesterday with many cats going home and many arriving for New Year. Tomorrow promises to be similar! Apologies to anyone who had to wait for their house to be made ready - a very rare occurrence here, I hasten to add.

From the 50 guests we had for Christmas, we are currently caring for 48 residents, so please forgive the briefness of the following descriptions. Firstly let me state that all the cats are fit and well and all are eating and seem relaxed and happy, if for any reason I do not mention your little angel it is purely my error and NOT due to any problem with said (or in that case "not said"!) pussycat.

At the quietest end of the Family block we have a newbie called Jocasta who was happily curled up on her special wicker basket under her heat lamp when I served her supper this evening. She is eating well, including her medication, and has shown no nervous tendencies so far.

Fudge & Megan have settled well in the quieter Family block. I fear Fudge has another Tom living near him at home as he was quite wary of his surrounding when he first arrived this visit, but I am pleased to report he is back to his old bold self now and Megan has been as good as gold. 

We have two Mollys staying at present, both are doing fine. Maisie & Sukie are preening next to Barry & Kubrick who to be honest don't seem that interested... Tansy is next to little Milly who enjoyed her Turkey Christmas dinner, although wonders why she can't have that everyday please Mummy.
Jack had a nice groom today and is being delivered back home tomorrow, as are Peter & Pearl, Nudge and Poppet. Nifty the Persian, who I am sure has doubled in size since his last visit also enjoyed a good groom today, whilst Minky who saw off his neighbour is enjoying the luxury of a double house.

Teasle has been unusually friendly this visit, whilst her neighbours Bubble & Squeak are always up for some attention. Little Bertie, although frail now in his old age is doing well if not too inclined to leave his heated bed.
Poppet is next to Simba & Bella who is enjoying the use of a climbing frame - I think she'd like one of her own for Christmas please Daddy. Max & Leo are well into their routine, and are definitely happier in isolation, or at least the rest of the cattery are happier Mr Bengali is out of ear range!

Tommy & Simba are next to Old Dylan and the newbie Young Cosmo - lovely kitten. Eighteen years age difference between those two residents. Kinks & Scamps are back with us and had a good groom today. Peter & Pearl have had their nails cut, whilst Tansy & OJ have been enjoying some fresh chicken as a treat today along with Sooty and Buffy who loved it! Rosie, Honey, Shadow and Boris are still with us, as are Rusty, Tiggy, Funsi, Dylan & Marley and of course Duster & Sophia. Rosie is doing well as is a very hungry Timmy after going missing briefly prior to her, yes her, stay. 

I am sure I have missed someone and if so I do apologise but it's been a long day!

I'll sign off now but not before wishing you all a very Happy New Year!
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