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Sunday 4th January 2015

Happy New Year to one and all.
As the festive season draws to a close and we watch our guests return to their homes and hear tales of fantastic holidays and family fun had over the holidays, I must say a big thank you to all my staff who gave up their festivities to help me make sure all the cats in my care were loved, cuddled, well fed and looked after during this busy time. I would also like to thank all those kind people who furnished us with gifts of Shortbread, Chocolates, Biscuits and other delicious treats to make sure we all put on a few pounds over the Christmas Holidays!
Many of our guests have now departed and more leave tomorrow, but for those still here a roll-call as promised...
We have Connor and George in the Family block learning to get on together as their changed circumstances mean that they now live together at home. George is not convinced it's the best idea he's heard but I'm sure he'll come round once he realises Connor is no threat.
The reds have a majority at the moment starting with Kubrick and Barry. Barry is happy relaxing under his heat lamp on top of his igloo rather than in it, whilst Kubrick is on the look out for all sources of food as per usual. 
Now that we have quietened down Leo has moved back into the Main Block for some more company, as have Nifty the Persian and Red Minky who is playing through the kitchen window with Edwina at feed times - great fun apparently...
Mr Tibbs is enjoying his improved view since the pruning of the plants in front of the cattery. Nearly Blind Red Boris is still managing to jump onto his shelf and knows exactly where to stand when I open the door for dinner - very clever lad indeed. 
The old Ladies Cuddles & Spice are enjoying increased meal times and both are keeping warm although as predicted Cuddles enjoys lying in her bed outside during the warmer part of the day.
Red Tigger is enjoying his heat lamp as per usual, dreaming of his Spanish holidays gone past.
Little Red Rusty is a real time waster who will play with you for hours if given half a chance. We have a newbie next called Gerry who has settled in very well and is relaxing into our relaxed routine here. Rosie the Tortie & white is between Gerry and another newbie Basil who is a young cat who is interested in everyone and everything.  
Duster & Princess are still with me and after a visit from their mum yesterday didn't skip a beat - so mum you can come again!
Sooty is eating well and has settled in with the two Burmese on her left, OJ red and Tansy Tortie. Kinks & Scamps are the next pair along on an extended visit, then Leo & Purdy the British Shorthairs who are both fine, Leo on his shelf and Purdy in her bed, Sherbert Dib-Dabs is keeping a close eye on the Doves for me, whilst Jocasta has moved to the quiet end of the Main block and is enjoying her heat lamp most of the time when not nibbling on her biscuits and Applaws.
Well that's it until next week - have a good one, Aly.
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