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Sunday 11th Jan 2015

How time flies, another week gone, it only seems like yesterday I was updating this blog...
This weekend we have a mixture of new and old guests with us. We still have Connor and George with us who are now tolerating each other better, if not exactly best buddies, give it time! 
Long stay Princess and Duster are relaxed and happy as usual.
Mr Tibbs is next to Simba and Tommy who are all regulars. Between them they are showing Alfie, a lovely new semi long hair red fellow, the ropes. Also on their other side are another pair of newbies, Lucky & Maisie who have settled in well next to the kitchen with the old timers Cuddles & Spice keeping an experienced eye on them from the other side. 
Daisy, a pretty little diabetic newbie, who is in with us for a few weeks whilst her mum moves home, is doing well and has had the first of a series of required grooming sessions.
Both newbies Gerry and Monty are well in the swing of things as now is our other newbie Misty. Tom & Daisy are back again for a holiday as are Tilly, Kinks & Scamps.
A quiet weekend in the cattery for us but busy else where as per usual - there's never a dull moment caring for our four legged friends! 
Enjoy your week wherever you may be.
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