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Tuesday 27th January

Good Morning all, just a quick blog this morning to mention my current residents welfare. It's a quiet time of year so this shouldn't take long!
Teasle the Tabby is welcoming all by the front entrance and is being very loving for her. I have moved Princess & Duster next to her so that the shy Princess gets used to the hussle and bussle of people around, I am so pleased with how she has come out of her shell during her stay with me, although I suppose after three months she hasn't had much choice.
We are introducing two cats in the next two houses, Dylan and Rosie. I have to say they are both so at ease here neither is at all worried about the other or in fact seem to have acknowledged the others presence. It may be quite different at home.
Cuddles & Spice the two elderly and frail torties are going home today after a four week stay. These two old ladies have enjoyed their heat lamp during this cold spell and have taken to Senior Gourmet Pate as there is a definite lack of teeth between them. A great food for oldies as there are no lumps for them to contend with.
Sir Oliver joined us yesterday and contrary to his mothers worries is eating everything I put in front of him - so no worries there. Daisy the Diabetic is still with us and is also eating very well - what an appetite! Minky is her neighbour, a lovely easy going red chap. 
Bella & Simba have been on a strict diet and I'm sure Daddy will notice the difference when he returns. Gerry & Poppy are both fine and Gerrys' operation site is healing well. That just leaves me to mention Mocha & Simba who I have just left sitting on their shelf watching the Doves having their breakfast.
Enjoy your day wherever you may be, Aly
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