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Sunday 8th February

Although effectively off-season at the moment, there seems so much to do. The sunny skies are aiding in our maintenance work whilst our heaters are working overtime during the nights to keep our residents all toasty and warm.
This evening as I check our guests, it is quiet and peaceful here, with only the relaxing sound of the waterfall outside breaking the still night. 
I find this pretty amazing actually as I am currently housing a burmese, a siamese and several elderly pusscats who do like the sound of their own voices! Contentment comes with a full belly, a warm bed and the knowledge that one is safe, and so it is my duty to ensure these things for all our residents and so make their stay a comfortable, calm and happy one - tonight it appears I have succeeded even with my present somewhat tricky clientele.
If your cat is staying here this evening, you can relax in the knowledge that they are healthy, happy and contented and having been groomed today, looking at their best. All patients have been taking their medication as prescribed and all kittens have been playfully enjoying their toys. So until next week I bid you farewell. 
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