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Thursday 19th February

Half term is here and with it a busy week of comings and goings. We have a few Ginger guests this week, newbie Toby who settled in quickly and is eating well and seems very relaxed already. Two doors down just passed our long stay friends Princess Sophia & Duster is Rusty who although a small girlie, she has a big personality. Another little lady is Tilly who is next our next red friend, Boris who although lacking in sight can still jump onto the top shelf with no problem!
A little lad next, Jerry, who has come through a dental very well and is eating without fuss. He's just finished his meds so we shall see how he gets on during the next few days.
Scraps (Ginger) & Mr Phister joined us this evening and are next to the black and white duo of Ringo & Robbie who are always up for a cuddle! 
The next few houses are inhabited by mainly tabbys, namely Lulu and Milo, little Milly, a quick break of black & white in the shape of Poppy next to another Poppy & Fang who does sometimes live up to his name if only pretending! Poppy is another puss with few teeth, but she has been eating well, another candidate for Senior Gourmet pate.
Sherbert the tortie neighbours Bert & Willow, tabs and torts, then we have Ginger Tom & sister Daisy then the fluffy Teddy Bear and last but not least tonight we have Pumpkin & Nelson all of whom are relaxed and happy and keeping warm and dry under their heat lamps out of the wind and rain. They I might add are the lucky ones - I may be joining them soon...
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