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Monday March 2nd

Good morning all. 
We still have a majority of reds here at the moment, especially if you count the torties as reds too! 
Toby the newbie (red of course) settled in really well and has relaxed during his holiday and has certainly enjoyed his food. Tortie & White Minnie is next to him and is another one enjoying her food. Red Rusty, a rare girlie red is keeping up her fitness routine of playing for at least eight hours a day!
Muku (Tabby & White) is keeping her eye on the kitchen and enjoying her gravy pouches. Red Boris may be sight impaired but he can smell his feed arriving from a mile away! Mr Fister & Scraps (Black & Red respectively) are full of the joys of Spring and another pair with fine appetites. I must say Scraps is a solid red rather than a tabby and incredibly light in shade - quite beautiful.
Simba (Red) and Tommy (Black) are both well. Tommy is blind. It always amazes me how fast these blind cats learn the routine and as their surroundings here are simpler than at home how easily they find their way around, learn my voice and the noises around them so that they can sense where I am and what to expect when the door opens.They gain so much confidence here it's lovely to witness!
Marco Biscuit is staying currently and is enjoying the new Felix Crunchy Crumbles I bought as a treat the other day whilst last, but by no means least, Sox who is Grey & White also enjoyed his crumble treat last night!
My office has just become very busy and an emergency call has just come in, one of my ladies has been rushed to hospital so I must fly and go and collect her pet so that there is one less thing for her and her family to worry about! Bye...
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