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Friday March 27th = And the season begins...

Welcome to the start of the Easter Holidays, for some if not for all just yet. Our "quiet time" ie. mid=Jan to mid-March this year has been so busy. We have been beavering away with so many jobs to improve the cattery and surrounding area. We have new vet bedding in all the houses as well as self warming bedding for our older guests to make their stay even more comfortable. We have started cladding all the blocks to make them more heat and cold resistant so that we can keep the houses at a constant temperature all year round.
We have installed a laundry dedicated to the cattery as well as re-landscaping the gardens.

And whilst all this has been going on we had a new arrival... who is now big enough to see over the gate to the cattery and watch all the comings and goings. And with Spring in the air, baby animals are always a joy to behold!

As for my current guests, let me say a little about each, so you know how they are getting along on their holidays:
Tilly & Jet the Burmilla and Bombay Burmese have settled now that they have an empty house next to them. They are so territorial if another cat is too close. I lost Jet briefly this morning until I went to shut their inner door and found him balancing on top of it! He soon jumped onto my shoulder when his perch started to move!

Bamboo has kindly moved up one to accommodate his now neighbors but one and is as laid back as usual on his hols.

The oldies Kinks & Scamps are next to the kitchen and are both eating and drinking like there is no tomorrow.

On the other side of the kitchen is Tansy who was rehomed by us after the sad passing of her owner, and I am pleased to say she has settled very well in her new home and is looking really well.

Little Libby the Burmese is next, the small cat with the big appetite - I have no idea where she puts it all! 

We have a pair of Newbies who have just moved into the area. They are called Felix & Polly and are Black & White Bengal crosses. Polly is an exceptionally nervous cat yet Felix is as relaxed as anyone. It has taken a few days but now both are out and about watching what is going on and are eating and settling well.
Edwina and Dylan are helping guard the latest delivery of cat food!

Amber the Abyssinian is in for a short stay whilst Fender the handsome grey blue is here for considerably longer. He is purveying the grounds from his internal window.

Clarissa is here on her own since the sad loss of her brother, but is doing well, and Mori the Siamese is totally chilled on his extended stay. 

Simba after suffering another blood clot  before he came in is on added medication but is taking it well and is looking super, Tommy his mate is as good as gold.

Phoebus another cat who has lost his mate recently is relaxed and contented here. The far end of the cattery is spattered with Reds, we have Wilson next to Daisy & Tom and finally Basil. All are young cats and getting along fine - enjoying 'Dove View' as we have fledglings here at the moment...
Until next time I wish you a great weekend.
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