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Good Friday

Happy Easter!

So the Easter holidays are upon us and although we have rain today, the forecast is good for the weekend. We have many visitors over Easter of the four legged variety although we shut our doors today, Sunday and Monday to the two legged - emergencies excepted of course!
With Easter comes our Summer Staffing Rota and I would like to welcome a new face to our team, Paula Symons. Paula has a wealth of experience in working with animals and having helped me primarily with my horses for the last couple of seasons, she is well known to the team here and knows the standards to which we aspire. Paula is in her mid forties and has one daughter. She brings with her a knowing eye and a habit for keeping everywhere neat and tidy which will come in very handy around here!
With the new goes the old, and we say goodbye to our Apprentice Clair who after two years here has chosen a position working with people rather than animals and we wish her well in her new job.

The mare and foal are enjoying seeing the comings and goings at the cattery

Staying with us this weekend we have some newbies, so let's start with them... We have a pair of black & white kittens called Pango & Domino who are great fun and not phased at all with their first stay at the cattery. We also have Merry another black & white kitten who is also not phased at all and is out and about, eating well and enjoying watching everything going on around her. Next to Merry we have Queenie a two year old Tabby who is settling in nicely if eyeing her lively neighbor with a little wariness!
We have Ruby the Tortie by the front door next to Fang & Poppy, Fang is more adventurous this visit spending more time outside in his run ,although of course the weather has improved since his last stay. He is enjoying a cuddle or two and Poppy is still munching her way through everything even without any teeth! 
The old ladies Kinks & Scamps are still with us in more ways than one! 
Maggie arrived yesterday and is in her favorite house next to the kitchen but I have to admit she's still sulking a little this morning as is her way on her first stay of the season... it's a ploy of course to see how spoilt she can get!
Darcie the DLH Tabby and white was upside down in her bed under her heat lamp when I checked her this morning with a contented Cheshire Cat Grin on her face, happy holidays it seems.
The three year old Molly Mo is enjoying her stay next to Fender, a grey chap, who spends most of his time watching the world go by through his window.
Katy the Tabby is one of the more challenging pets I look after but it's not just me as her parents find her extremely difficult at home as well. We've decided she's probably a vegan as she is opposed to 90% of cat food and human food too come to that. A trip to the greengrocers maybe required!
Connor and George are both brilliant and both happy and relaxed. 
Charlie the tabby hasn't a care in the world, taking everything in his stride, it's his second stay if I remember correctly and it's like he's been here 100 times.
Simba & Tommy are entering their third week with us and both are fit and healthy..
Tabby and white Bilbo seems quiet next to the youngsters around him but I forget he must be over 12 now so I think he is just playing "the adult".
Sherbert our second tortie is lovely as usual and Basil also entering his third week of his stay is full of beans and loving watching the doves from his great view point.
That just leaves Mr Phister & Scraps who are having their first stay in the family block and were a little confused when they arrived last night, but this morning they were as perky as ever and have worked out where they are.
Tomorrow we welcome another six cats in for the Easter holidays so I better go and get some more houses ready!
We wish you all a Happy Easter! 

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