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25th April 2015

As I sit here and write this weeks missive, I can hear the vocal tones of my Siamese guest discussing with my staff his requirements during his stay. Mori is quite sure that we have made a mistake with his breakfast order and that he should have had the full English and not the Continental that his owner ordered on his behalf. Compromise required I think, we'll make it a double Continental and see if that satisfies all concerned... you have no idea how many similar debates we get into with our guests when their knowing owners leave instructions for medication to be given, or flea treatments, grooming or the ultimate holiday insult - a diet! 
With us this week we have a fine selection of feline guests, we have Alfie a sturdy and handsome British Shorthair with a lovely nature who has a huge purr and a kink in the end of his tail. We also have Bluey another handsome boy in the shape of a short haired Persian who also has a fine nature.
We are looking after Bizzy the Burmese, on medication now in his old age but eating well and looking good. 
Sasha and Hamish the Ragdolls are here, making the place look beautiful as per usual. They've settled in well in the main block this visit so I am happy to keep them there. 
I have moved Leon and Lulu outside to a quieter house as this seems to suit them better, Leon can be a little territorial at times.
Winnie the black and white chatterbox arrived this morning but so far she seems content to just watch rather than comment on the preceedings. 
Chillie the Tortie is keeping watch at the door this week, helped by Grey & White Sox who has decided he'd prefer his bed in the middle of his house rather than under his heatlamp! Buffy & Tiggy are checking what's coming out of the kitchen along with Old Timers Gina & Millie - experts on spotting a treat.
Tess arrived this morning and has settled straight in, sitting on her shelf watching Mori's debate with interest.
Young Poppy took 24 hours to settle this visit by is doing fine now, Tigger is not happy that the sun has disappeared, hopefully temporarily, but says he will make do with his heatlamp until such time that it reappears!
Old Charlie is taking his meds well and is looking well, and Fred & Bob have settled in now and are enjoying having a single house each.
Teasle has joined us for a weekend break and we await Rosie and Pennys arrival later today.
May I wish you all a happy weekend.
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