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May 2015

Sunday 31st May 2015

Here goes another post using my keyboard that has a sticky P after Dylan decided to use my computer as his new bed... and it's no good hiding behind your sister = I know it was you due to the hair you left behind!

This week has been a busy one, with over 70 cats staying with us over the bank holiday and half term. We have seen many new faces as well as our regulars. 
Today we have a fine selection of 32 cats enjoying our facilities and the following is a quick note on each of them.

Tortie Mother and Daughter AMBER & OLIVE are settled by the main entrance next to the chatty HAMISH with his sister MEG.

Bank Holiday Monday 25.05.15

The forecasters got it wrong again, but in our favour and good weather prevailed.
It has been a while since I had so many new faces staying here at one time.  A dozen newbies this week and I must say it's been great fun getting to know them all.
This weeks update on guests follows:
Alfie & Lily are by the front door. Lily has been mostly outside greeting us whilst Alfie prefers to watch from his internal window before wandering out to say hello. Lily has taken her medicine without any complaints and tonight has had a small treat of fish as a reward - which Alfie looked pretty smug about as he got some too!

17th May 2015

Time is on fast forward again and the days are whizzing by without a chance to update my blog... so here goes.

All my guests are fit and well and enjoying the warmer weather, with most out sunbathing during the day now. The heat lamps are still cutting in whenever the temperature drops but generally that is now at night.

Walking around the cattery these last few weeks I have noticed a definite trend in cats names and so when I heard on a radio show the presenter asking why certain names have become unpopular for babies I think I know the answer - see if you can spot the link.
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