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17th May 2015

Time is on fast forward again and the days are whizzing by without a chance to update my blog... so here goes.

All my guests are fit and well and enjoying the warmer weather, with most out sunbathing during the day now. The heat lamps are still cutting in whenever the temperature drops but generally that is now at night.

Walking around the cattery these last few weeks I have noticed a definite trend in cats names and so when I heard on a radio show the presenter asking why certain names have become unpopular for babies I think I know the answer - see if you can spot the link...

Staying at the moment we have :- Three Tillys, two Lucys, two Phoebes, an Oliver, Ashley, Rudy, Jack, Daisy, Poppy, Dylan, Benji, Bertie, Rosie, Molly, Leon, Lulu, Liela, Jackson, Daisy and a Herbie we also have a Sky, a Summer, a Chilli, a Mozart, a Bailey, a Finn, a Moriarty, an India and a Jet. Strangely we only have one Tigger and not a single Tiddles or Puss-Puss.

All are doing well and after a peaceful Sunday the newbies all look a lot more settled and I am starting to work out who prefers which flavours and types of food. It's a challenge I enjoy - finding each cats preferences in when, where and how they like their meals and living arrangements organised. 

Off for evening checks now and an early night as we have another busy week starting with a large turn around tomorrow morning.

Enjoy your week. Aly
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