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Bank Holiday Monday 25.05.15

The forecasters got it wrong again, but in our favour and good weather prevailed.
It has been a while since I had so many new faces staying here at one time.  A dozen newbies this week and I must say it's been great fun getting to know them all.
This weeks update on guests follows:
Alfie & Lily are by the front door. Lily has been mostly outside greeting us whilst Alfie prefers to watch from his internal window before wandering out to say hello. Lily has taken her medicine without any complaints and tonight has had a small treat of fish as a reward - which Alfie looked pretty smug about as he got some too!
Next door we have anther pair of juvenile cats, Hamish & Meg. Black and White DSHs with big characters. They've settled well and are enjoying their As good as it looks for tea. Hamish is sporting a very attractive Black Mustache.
Our next pair is Pickle & Branson (that may be Branston?). They are a very close pair who prefer to enjoy their holiday relaxing together under their heat lamp whilst enjoying our dining experiences.
Next to the kitchen we have an old timer - Rudy the Abyssinian, who is trotting about like a teenager, jumping on and off his shelf (with a little help from a stool) and eating me out of house and home.
On the other side of the kitchen we have Chilli who is with us for the month. She is a regular guest and, although she can be a little fussy at meal times, is eating well and doing fine.
On her left we have Josephine, a fine looking black semi-long hair youngster and her companion Mary. Mary is very gregarious and has been entertaining my girls with all her antics - a real character!
Poppy is next along and is happy and relaxed providing I understand when she's had enough attention. If I miss this cue she knows how to let me know...
I have another lovely natured newbie staying called Bobbie, she's tortie and white and we moved her closer to the kitchen as I decided she didn't deserve to be surrounded by the noisy boys at the end of the line aka Monty and Oscar.
Sky is next door, she took a couple of days to settle in having never stayed away from home before but is now a relaxed and contented resident enjoying the views and her temporary new surroundings .Taking Skys lead her neighbour Bertie, a slightly older black & white gentleman, settled straight in and is an absolute delight. 
Fudge & Toffee the torties are next - always a pleasure. Another newbie after the girls is Tonks a very attractive blue eyed dazzler with a nature to match, a real sweety.
Down at Dove Corner we have a line of well known faces, OJ & Tippy, George & Connor, Muku and then Happy Harry who we hadn't seen for a wee while but is a very welcome return visitor. Luckily for me Harry is the most laid back puss and just watches with an expression of sheer wonder as to why Oscar the Bengal and Monty the Chocolate Burmese chat, chat and chat some more - so much energy for such a relaxing sunny weekend he thinks.
Meanwhile in the orchard we have Liela & Finn who leave us tomorrow after a three week holiday, and Blue who stays a few more days, relaxed as ever. The family block has more trouble in the shape of Jet & Tilly in the chatty department, whilst Peter & Pearl, Ringo & Robbie and Smudge are all old hands at this vacation lark, and all appear to be enjoying their break.
Until next time,,, enjoyx
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