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Sunday 31st May 2015

Here goes another post using my keyboard that has a sticky P after Dylan decided to use my computer as his new bed... and it's no good hiding behind your sister = I know it was you due to the hair you left behind!

This week has been a busy one, with over 70 cats staying with us over the bank holiday and half term. We have seen many new faces as well as our regulars. 
Today we have a fine selection of 32 cats enjoying our facilities and the following is a quick note on each of them.

Tortie Mother and Daughter AMBER & OLIVE are settled by the main entrance next to the chatty HAMISH with his sister MEG. Meg has asked Hamish to keep quiet a couple of times, she decided a little bop on his nose was the best way to get this message across, I'm not sure it worked but c'est la vie! That's siblings for you...

SOPHIE and MOLLY are now next to each other as opposed to together as they just seemed to prefer that little bit of extra space as discussed on their arrival.

CHILLI is well into her month with us now and is doing fine.

FLORENCE a pretty grey and white lady who is watching the world go by from her shelf.

SMARTIE is well and this visit only took 12 hours before she gave in and ate her specialist food!

BELLA is a young  black & white who has settled in well and is looking through her window at the blustery and somewhat soaked garden this morning.

O.J & MISS TIPPY the Burmese are their usual selves. Whilst CUDDLES & SPICE the ancient torties are defying gravity by climbing onto their outside shelf and enjoying an elevated view of the pond...

DOMINO & PANGO are now old hands at this holidaying lark at the tender age of 8 months - or so it would seem.

AMBER has a new friend this visit called DAISY a younger version of herself it would seem. Daisy was a little shy to start but is now coming out of her shell.

CALICO the red is purring after a morning stroke on his shelf, whilst his neighbour TOBY the red, is enjoying his cosy bed under his heatlamp on this slightly damp day.

OSCAR the Bengal is eating well and taking his meds when persuaded!

SIMBA and TOMMY are at the end of the main block and TOMMY is full of the joys of spring, rolling around on his back and enjoying cuddles. Simba is as per usual a joy to behold.

MORI the Siamese is behaving in the orchard along with BLUE who although getting on in years is on his outside shelf not missing a thing.

SAPPHIRE the Norwegian Forest Cat is making full use of her double sized house, as is OLIVER, an elderly red gentleman. He's another one being gently persuaded that his meds taste lovely really!

ALFIE MOON is fit and well as is the notorious MONTY the Burmese or Chatty-Cat at he is known around here.

Three Newbies are in our family house, namely ALFIE, COCO and MAYBELL. Coco is out and about and busy keeping an eye on all around her, whilst Maybell is on her internal shelf watching through the window and Alfie, typical boy, has his feet up under his heat lamp enjoying a snooze.

That's it for this week... we'll be back soon.

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