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June 2015

Sunday 21st June

Happy Summer Solstice! 

Alfie, Bella and Bella,  Bibsy, Carlo, Cassie, Charlie and Charlie, Coco, Cookie, Envelope, Gina, Ginger, Hamish, Jack, Jessie, Kitty 3, Kizzie, Lunar, Martha, Maybelle, Melody, Merry, Millie, Mini, Mozart, Onslow II, Phoebus, Rusty, Sandy, Sasha, Simba and Tansy are my guests this weekend. 

Twelve of the above are first timers here - but you'd never know! 
I have one family of four, one of three and several pairs. 

Some are older and some still in kittenhood but each and every one have been a pleasure to look after.

14th June 2015

I have allowed time each day this week to write this blog yet somehow the hours in the day and the amount of things to do, do not add up, so apologies to my guests' connections for delaying the information you have been waiting for. If you too are lacking in time I have good news, all my guests are fit, well and relaxed and enjoying their holiday with us.

For those who know us well, you will be aware that our other passion here apart from the puss-cats are our horses and on Friday evening our horse Medburn Cutler won his race at Chepstow so a little delay in writing this blog this weekend could be due to a little celebration on his behalf.
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