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14th June 2015

I have allowed time each day this week to write this blog yet somehow the hours in the day and the amount of things to do, do not add up, so apologies to my guests' connections for delaying the information you have been waiting for. If you too are lacking in time I have good news, all my guests are fit, well and relaxed and enjoying their holiday with us.

For those who know us well, you will be aware that our other passion here apart from the puss-cats are our horses and on Friday evening our horse Medburn Cutler won his race at Chepstow so a little delay in writing this blog this weekend could be due to a little celebration on his behalf... 

Meanwhile here at the cattery despite a little rain storm all is well. My guest list and comments follow:

Carlo the Persian arrived yesterday and takes prime position by the front door. Thierry is next door and a little put out that his blond girlfriend Tilly has been replaced by a boy, but apart from that seems fine. 

I am delighted to welcome back Muffin the Tortie who left this area but has happily returned. 

We also have a bit of a family reunion going on in the form of Monty who we believe is related to Edwina and Dylan and also Peaches and Pippin who are Edwinas' children. 

Gina & Millie are back for their summer stay and Daisy, Phoebe & Sheba are here for a short stay, all enjoying their pond view and now regulars so totally relaxed. Ricky is keeping an eye on the girlies with the little tripod Cassie on his other side. Cuddles & Spice are still with us (in more ways than one!) while the young Fudge & Megan are keeping the average age down. We only have one Chillie this week, she's next to Duster & Princess who are back for a short break - great to see them again. Malouse and Charlie are watching the doves from their houses and both are fine. 
We have Leo out in No. 24 whilst 1, 2 and 3 have Gingey & Tiggy, regulars next to two newbies, Ginger in the middle and Fifi on the end. Ginger is as his name states but with no tail. He's a lovely cat, very affectionate and chilled out, Fifi is a little lady who is very chatty especially when we arrive with her tuna - another sweetie who loves a cuddle.
We mainly have regulars in the Family Block at present, namely Nelson & Pumpkin, Jessie, Mini and Minky but also Martha who is now happily in our routine and eating well and enjoying the view, as well as Alfie, Maybelle & Coco who feel like regulars although this is their first stay as they have such big personalities and I feel I know them each so well. Coco is the first in for dinner, checking each dish carefully, making sure she has chosen the best option, closely followed by Maybelle whilst the gentleman Alfie waits until his ladies have their meals before he starts his!
Tomorrow brings more change - with some cats going home, whilst new and regulars arrive. Each and every one is special to us and we will continue to give them the best possible time whilst their loved ones are away. Goodnight to you all. Alyx
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