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Sunday 21st June

Happy Summer Solstice! 

Alfie, Bella and Bella,  Bibsy, Carlo, Cassie, Charlie and Charlie, Coco, Cookie, Envelope, Gina, Ginger, Hamish, Jack, Jessie, Kitty 3, Kizzie, Lunar, Martha, Maybelle, Melody, Merry, Millie, Mini, Mozart, Onslow II, Phoebus, Rusty, Sandy, Sasha, Simba and Tansy are my guests this weekend. 

Twelve of the above are first timers here - but you'd never know! 
I have one family of four, one of three and several pairs. 

Some are older and some still in kittenhood but each and every one have been a pleasure to look after. 

From a breed perspective most are Domestic Short Hairs but we also have a mix of the exotic, namely two Persians, a Bengal, two Exotic Shorthairs, an Egyptian Mau, a pair of Ragdolls and a British Shorthair.

On the colour front we have eight black and white, six tabbies, six reds, five black, two blue points, one blue, one grey & white, one tortie & white, one white and one cream. Quite an eclectic mix!

They are all individuals with their own characters and I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them all. Sitting here I can see each one in my minds eye, Envelope laying on her blanket on her shelf sunbathing, Onslow who's a little shy but loves watching the doves from his window. Maybelle always sitting up high like the model she is. Kizzie similarly taking the highest vantage point. Martha now well settled in is next to Ginger, tall and slender and tailless. Kitty who spends most of her time upside down demanding tummy tickles, Cassie the tiny tripod with the biggest set of lungs, young Merry who is always interested in what's going on, Big Bibsy who talks at meal times, I could go on and on but time precludes that - so I'm off to do last checks and then off to bed - another busy week coming up. Enjoy your solstice...

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