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July 2015

Sunday 26th July 2015

Edwina and Dylan decided it was certainly too wet to stay outside today, so snuggled up together as siblings often do.

We have a full house at present so tonights blog maybe a little brief but I will try to mention everyone.

The highlight of the week has been having Max & Rudy staying. They are a pair of four month old kittens who are just non-stop fun, playing with anything and everything they find. You can't help smiling every time you pass their house. 

We have another twelve pairs of cats in at present.

17th July 2015

During the last three weeks we have had the added help of two super work experience pupils, namely Bethany and Lauren. They have both been keen and willing and have done a super job here at the cattery. We wish them well in their future careers. 
This week we have Kinks & Scamps welcoming our visitors by the front door, next to Fudge & Megan who are here for the weekend. Mina has settled in well next to Penny who is watching the goings on in the kitchen. Frankie, a new cat of a long term customer is on the other side of the kitchen.

July 5th 2015

What a couple of weeks - the hottest day in July on record, thunder and lightning, drizzle for a day and today a breeze that, although welcome, meant all our hard work sweeping this morning was totally in vain!
I have as usual been hugely spoilt with a select number of prized pets to look after, some real characters both new and old.

When we're this busy it is inevitable that not everyone loves their neighbour but we strive to keep everyone happy and move the cats about until they are content with their accommodation.
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