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July 5th 2015

What a couple of weeks - the hottest day in July on record, thunder and lightning, drizzle for a day and today a breeze that, although welcome, meant all our hard work sweeping this morning was totally in vain!
I have as usual been hugely spoilt with a select number of prized pets to look after, some real characters both new and old.

When we're this busy it is inevitable that not everyone loves their neighbour but we strive to keep everyone happy and move the cats about until they are content with their accommodation. Monty would be a prime example, coming from a rescue background where he was with a large number of cats he prefers a little distance from his neighbours and so over to 1,2,3 block for him and 'Voila' - one happy relaxed puss-cat seen here licking his lips after yesterdays breakfast...

Another little character is Ginger who just loves watching what's going on around him - as seen here.

Below we have Tom who just wanted his picture taken before Daisy his sister spotted the camera and got involved!

Tilly & Jet have been staying in No. 24 as Tilly gets over protective of the young Jet if their are other cats around. 

Puzzle has also been staying for a few days and has enjoyed his window shelf. He loves a cuddle and is a big softy if not the bravest cat in the world!

In the family block we have Albus in the shade of the apple trees to protect his white ears. Summer is next to him, spending most of her time on her climbing frame. Rusty is spending most of his time on his indoor shelf watching the world go by, whilst the pretty little Bobbie is out and about and enjoying being next to Mori the Siamese, who it has to be said, seems quite smitten by her.

Wilson is enjoying his double accommodation and always up for a fuss and a hug. Jackson & Phoebe, the Maine coons are both well and tails still up! Charlie is also enjoying some extra space until tomorrow when he has a new girlie neighbour coming to stay.

Smudge the diabetic Ragdoll is keeping cool by the front door, next to Tigger who is just loving the warm weather. Rosie, a longhair black puss has settled in well, we hadn't seen her for a while so it's nice to welcome her back. Tansy the tortie is by the kitchen, with Maggie keeping an eye on things on the other side. 

Charlie the ginger is looking really well and is showing another ginger JackJack the ropes. JackJack is a newbie and now that he's found the way out of his carrier is enjoying his double bed and today looked very relaxed indeed!
Little Bella is fine as are Rosie, Sox and Koko the Tonkinese. Another newbie is Cookie - an eight year old Tortie who picked up our routine within a few hours and is being a delight to look after. As good as gold.

Maisie & Molly are here for a short break, whilst Jasper and Dillon are in for longer stays, but both are such a delight to handle, that's my good fortune. 
The siblings Mitten & Willow have also settled in very well and are enjoying their view of the doves. That just leaves a mention for Dylan & Nelson who are both eating well and again have been a pleasure to look after, Snowy the black cat - yes confused me too!
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